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Teacher Career Information

What a Teacher does

Abilities & Traits Required


For nursery and kindergarten, as a Teacher you will need to be a graduate with a certificate/ diploma/degree in nursery training. Preference is given to teachers who are trained for pre-school education.

At the primary level (school), as a Teacher you will need to be a graduate or post-graduate with a diploma/degree in teaching/education. You should also have studied in at least one teaching subject during your graduation years.

Secondary and Higher Secondary teachers should have a graduate/post-graduate degree in the subject and a BEd (Bachelor of Education).


Government Schools: Gross salary ranges from Rs 20000-30000 a month to start with.

Private Schools: Rs 25000-35000 per month depending on your qualifications.

IB Schools: Rs.35000-45000 onwards per month

Schools which are fully or partially aided by the government and some private schools offers benefits such as Contributory Provident Fund, D.A., insurance, gratuity, medical reimbursement, etc.

Kindergarten and pre-primary schools pay you less, in the range of Rs 20000- 35000 a month. Salary for a college/university teacher is pretty good in the range of Rs 35000-55000 a month to begin with.

Salaries in special education schools range from Rs 35000-45000 a month.

In defence forces, the starting salary is about Rs 30000-50000 per month.

Tuition, either private or in classes forms an additional source of income for teachers.

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