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Technology Manager Career Information

Heard of call centres? They seem to be the 'in' thing these days. Heard of 'Iris Recognition System' in place of the passwords we key in our computers? Every company these days seem to be in tune with technology and floating its InfoTech arm.

What a Technology Manager does

Abilities & Traits Required


This is an area where you are required to be the master of two trades -Technology and Management. You can either do an MBA with specialisation in Technology Management or an MTech in Engineering or Technology with good experience in Operations and Process Management.

In case of IT Management, usually BE Computer sciences, BTech Computer sciences, ME Computer sciences, MTech Computer sciences, MCA with additional qualification of MBA are preferred. You can also have an MBA with specialisation in Systems or Information Technology Management. But in any case, as a technology manager, you will need good experience to get a high profile job.

Experienced personnel in either Manufacturing Management or computers can also rise to become Technology Managers.


Starting salaries in this field are high, beginning at around Rs 25000-30000 a month. You could easily work your way up to around Rs 50000-60000 a month in 3-5 years. Top corporations even offer additional benefits like a company flat, car, stock option plans, etc.

However, consulting companies offer the best deal. Your starting salary will sound like a dream in the range of Rs 100000 or even more a month! Lexus or BMW, take your pick!

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