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Venture Capitalist Career Information

Do you want to fund the dreams of young entrepreneurs? Ever thought of playing angel to a great business idea? Do you have the ability to analyse a good business opportunity among scores of others? Then what are you waiting for? Come, become a venture capitalist.

What a Venture Capitalist does

Abilities & Traits Required


You will need to have an MBA or equivalent degree or diploma in management to get into this field. Also, CA and people with a degree in finance with some experience have an edge.

People with some experience in a start-up organization or very good managerial experience in a particular industry have good prospects in this field. Few years of experience in equity research and financial analysis can get you a good break.


• An entry-level job will pay you Rs 450000 – 700000 p.a on Indian shores

• A dollar salary will range from US $ 4800 - 6000 a month

• If you join after a few years of experience in other financial/industry job, you will get about Rs 600000 - 1800000 p.a

• Senior level VC earn about Rs 2000000 - 10000000 p.a

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