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Video Jockey Career Information

What a Video Jockey does

Abilities & Traits Required


You don't need to have any specific educational qualification to become a VJ. Of course you got to have good command over English, Hindi and 'Hinglish' which is the language of television today. Not to mention the right accent. This is important, as a video jockey needs to talk a lot.

Candidates with backgrounds in journalism, mass communication and performing arts are likely to enjoy a head start.

Some amount of voice training would definitely help.


That's the best part of being a VJ. This profession is highly paid and for what? To talk nineteen to the dozen, to travel and to meet new people and of course to be a celebrity.

As a VJ you can earn anything between Rs 18000-200000 per show. Every month, you could easily take home a cool Rs 8 lakh.

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