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Visualiser Career Information

If you love traveling and meeting the best of creative people like musicians, writers and performers the advertising industry is your key to it.

Ready for name, fame and glory - this way please!

What a Visualiser does

Abilities & Traits Required


You can graduate in Fine Arts/Commercial Arts and get placed as a trainee, artist or visualiser.

Alternatively, you can also do your graduation in Communication Design/Graphic Design/Animation Design, as there are highly rated by the agencies.

Professionals from the art department of newspapers, publication houses, television company, etc. can also get in to advertising.

Of course, it goes without saying that a visualiser's job is more creative than anything else. So this field is also open to people without any formal training in Arts.


Artist/trainee: Rs 12000 - 15000 a month in a big agency. In a medium scale agency, you will get about Rs 10000 - 12000 per month and in small agencies Rs 10000 a month.

Junior Visualisers: Rs 20000 - 25000 a month in a big agency. In medium scale agency, about Rs 20000 - 22000 and in a small-scale agency, you will get about Rs 15000 per month.

Senior Visualiser: Rs 30000 - 45000 or more a month in large agencies. In medium scale agencies about Rs 30000 - 40000 a month or more and in a small agency about Rs 30000 to 35000 a month.

Creative Director or Chief gets about Rs 60000 – 100000 or more a month, plus perks in large agencies. The medium scale agency Creative chiefs get about Rs 45000 - 60000 a month. And in small-scale agencies, there is often no such post. If it is there, the salary can be in the range of Rs 35000 - 50000 a month.

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