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IGNOU BSc Nursing Entrance Exam

All India
IGNOU Nursing Exam

Exam Date: 01 Aug 17

Indira Gandhi Open University is one of the reputed universities of India which has been providing many education programmes since its establishment These programmes are capable of giving a promising career to its students Post Basic BSc Nursing is one of those programmes which provide a good opportunity for working nurses to excel in their career IGNOU admit candidates to this programme through entrance exam based on National level

Exam Information
Registration Date
11 May to 30 Jul
1st Sep 2017

Questions asked in this test will have multiple choices for answers. Candidates attempting to answer these questions should choose any one from them. Then it should be marked as their answers on the OMR sheet. Question will be asked from the subjects studied in General Surgery and Midwifery (GNM).

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