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Details on Computer Software career, scope

Niraj Kumar
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 27th Mar 2017
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YoungBuzz Career Counsellor
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 22nd Mar 2017

Information Technology is about data collection, storage and warehousing of data, processing, analysing, interpreting, transferring and transmitting data. It also involves using various applications in almost all the fields you can think of -from medicine to biotechnology and even engineering. Wireless application technology, Digital data transmission technology, Multimedia technology, etc. are all offshoots of this Information Technology wave.

Information Technology also uses various equipments like public telephone networks, optical fibre networks, V-SAT terminals (we call them dish antennas), communication satellites etc.

Here are a number of positions to choose in the field of IT

Software Developers/System Analysts/Software Engineer

They use a range of tools and programming methods to conceptualise, develop and construct various sets of software codes.

Softwares are of two types-system software and application software. System softwares are required for running a computer (for e.g. Windows, DOS, Unix, Linux). Application software are needed to utilise the versatility of the computer to do a number of jobs like storing data, creating graphics, etc.

Developers and engineers are also responsible for implementation and maintenance of the software they develop-mainly the customised application or system software. The system analyst's job is to study systems. You will understand and outline the requirements of software and determine the specifications of the required software. In fact, the system analysts and the developers/engineers work as a team.

System Architects

These days the job of a system analyst is further specialised and their domain has been expanded. They are now called System Architects. Your job is to study a given system/situation in an establishment which requires a software/hardware. You have to design the system and build it as per the requirements of the client with the help of a team of developers/engineers. You are also required to integrate various systems, the hardware and software to create and design user-friendly systems.

Hardware Design and Development Engineer or Computer Hardware engineer

The computers we use need to be designed and developed first. Not the exterior, but the microprocessors, the electronic chips, etc. All these need careful design and development. Once the design is done, then the chips have to be produced and manufactured. Then the computer is assembled and produced. You as a hardware designer and development engineer will be responsible for these activities.

Telecommunication Engineer

A telecommunication engineer is an integral part of the IT setup. You will be involved in researching, planning, developing and implementing various components like V-SAT, wireless and broadband technology, satellite communication, etc. You will develop, manufacture and maintain various electronic equipments used in telecommunication. You will also designs and develop specific hardwares and softwares required for telecommunication.

Network engineers and Administrators

Networking is the key in IT. You need to be connected all the time. There is Internet, Local Area network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Intranet, Global Area Network (GAN), etc. Your job will be to plan, develop, construct, implement and maintain these various types of networks.

Database Administrators

You as a Database Administrator will be responsible for entering, storing, categorising and retrieving data.

Multimedia Designers

As a designer you will design user-friendly Internet interfaces (like a web page) and other forms of communications. Without the design, the interfaces would look just a set of technical mumbo-jumbo. Multimedia designers use various tools and technologies to design these interfaces.

Web Developers

You will develop and maintain the technical aspects of a web site. You in collaboration with the designers will produce the web site.

Servicing & Maintenance Technicians/Engineers

You will handle computer hardware and software and maintain them for optimum performance.

Trainers/Faculty members

You will teach and give practical training to people who wish to be computer savvy in terms of software and hardware.

Data Processing Assistant/Data Entry Operator

You would basically be involved in creating, storing and processing large amount of data.

EDP/ System Manager

It's basically a troubleshooter's job. You will manage database, handle installation, monitor, implement and maintain the overall system