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Hi, my name is Krunal Modi and currently I am studying in class 11th in the commerce field. I would like to pursue the CFA course after my graduation. I went through the CFA program details given in the website, however, had a few questions about it. First and foremost which course to opt for after my 12th standard which gives me a good base and focus for the CFA course? Secondly when can I give my first level exam at the earliest and how many years would it take me to complete the program? Do you recommend pursuing the CA course and doing CFA afterwards, or would a normal course like BMS, BCOM suffice? I had taken your aptitude test service before which helped me a lot to decide on which stream I would like to get into. Hoping that your response to the aforementioned questions will also guide me. Waiting for your response. Thank you!

Krunal Modi
created: 23rd Feb 2018 Last Modified: 26th Feb 2018
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created: 26th Feb 2018 Last Modified: 10th Mar 2018

Hi Krunal,

There seems to be a discrepancy between what we have recommended to you in the report and your query. Your report is related to careers in the field of Humanities and you are asking for commerce based careers.

We would highly recommend that you speak to the career counsellor so that there is clarity of the career that you wish to pursue.

You can call us on the following numbers: 022-24904111 022-24903015 022-24903017

You could even visit our website: https://www.youngbuzz.com/career-counselling-tests