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how can we take free counselling test ?

Siddhartha Dange
created: 1st Sep 2017 Last Modified: 4th Sep 2017
Conversations: 2


Aman Kaur
created: 1st Apr 2019 Last Modified: 1st Apr 2019

you can give an online test which is free of cost through the web site of LPU. this test is called a career assessment test which is totally free and also gets free counselling from the LPU offices so here, I am sharing the link for your easy access so that you can go for a better option- https://www.lpu.in/admission/career_assessment.php

YoungBuzz Career Counsellor
created: 4th Sep 2017 Last Modified: 4th Sep 2017

Hello Siddharth,

Sorry dear but at present we are not offering any free counseling test.

For any other career related queries do get back in touch with us.