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I am a 52 years old housewife living in B'lore. I am a graduate by education and am fluent in Hindi & English. My husband is a senior executive with a multinational Company . As my children are grown up and settled, I desire to join some organization involved in philanthropic / social activities. I read your advertisement and would like to know more details. My interests and hobbies include cookery, embroidery, garment designing, gardening etc.

Apoorva reddy
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 27th Mar 2017
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YoungBuzz Career Counsellor
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 27th Mar 2017

We are a little confused about what exactly you are asking for. Do you want information about career options or are you looking out for job opportunities or do you want to be a part of a particular project? If you are simply looking at options for work, you can approach NGOs that are working in the social sector like CRY, ALERT India etc, you could even start teaching what you enjoy doing as a hobby for istance you have mentioned cookery, embroidery, garment designing, you could even these classes in your home. For more information you need to send us your query in a more detailed form.