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I am a student of Intermediate with BPC as the optionals. I want to know if I can take up any career in medicine, besides that of a doctor. I also want to know the future prospects and pay packets of such courses.

Shreyash Agarwal
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 27th Mar 2017
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YoungBuzz Career Counsellor
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 22nd Mar 2017

A career in medicine has only one possibility, which is of becoming a doctor. You can have options within the field of medicine, such as Allopathy (MBBS), Homeopathy (BHMS), Unani

(BUMS) and Ayurved (BAMS). Apart from the MBBS, all the other systems of medicine today hold a good future with various companies investing a lot of money in research and development. The number of hospitals treating patients with Homeopathy, Ayurved or Unani, is growing all over the country. Now, practitioners of Homeopathy, Ayurved or Unani have more choices of medication and access to modern methods of diagnosis and treatment. These practitioners are becoming popular all over the country as the cost of allopathic treatment is increasing every day. Earnings of the practitioners of Homeopathy, Ayurved or Unani depend on how good they are. There is no limit as such. If they are employed in hospitals, then their earnings range from Rs. 5,000 20,000 per month.