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I am about to complete my CA. I have observed that MNCs seem to prefer chartered accountants with ERP skills. Therefore I wish to know which institutes in Hyderabad offer ERP Packages such as SAP, ORACLE (Financials, Manufacturing.) Further, I would like to know what are the fee particulars, basic qualifications to learn ERP Packages and admission process.

Sachi Balsaraf
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 27th Mar 2017
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YoungBuzz Career Counsellor
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 27th Mar 2017

We are not sure from where you have got the idea that MNCs prefer Chartered Accountants with ERP skills. Let us try to make your knowledge clear. The job of a CA has got nothing to do with ERP other than using ERP packages while working in a medium to large-scale corporate organisation. To a fresh Chartered Accountant, the training for using the ERP packages is provided by the organisation itself. However, when a company recruits a senior Chartered Accountant, then it may ask for ERP skills.

ERP skills along with a CA qualification is also useful for IT companies involved in developing and maintaining ERP software. But in these cases, you need to have a good experience of working in finance before getting a job. Chances that a fresh CA get a job in such a company is almost zero.

So, overall, as fresh CA, we do not think that you will need ERP skills to get a job.