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I am doing M. Com from Mumbai University and I am very much interested in the subject of Economics. Will you please kindly inform me how to become an economist and what sort of jobs can I get as an economist.

Sakshi Sur
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 27th Mar 2017
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YoungBuzz Career Counsellor
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 19th Mar 2018

You havent mentioned what are your specialisations in M. Com. As you have already reached post graduate level, it would have been easier for us to guide you if we had known your specialisation in M. Com. But in any case, if you have Financial Economics or any other subject related to Economics, then you may pursue a Ph. D in that subject for becoming an Economist. The best route of becoming an Economist is to do a graduation with major in Economics and then a masters in an area of Economics. A Ph. D thereafter makes ones prospects better. As for you, one option could be pursuing a post graduate diploma/degree in Business Economics. You can also opt for pursuing a Ph. D in UK/USA where it may be possible to specialise in an area of Economics even though you have a background in Accounting.

As an Economist, you have the following job opportunities:

Indian Economics Services: You'll study, survey, and analyze various economic parameters of the Indian economy and help Ministries take policy decisions.

Banks: As a Financial Economist in a bank your job would be to study and analyze credit and monetary polices to predict trends in the financial sector, cost of fund to the bank, the effects of changing monetary policies on the business of the bank, trends in consumer banking, etc.

Large corporate organisations: They have their own economics department, which advises several other departments and the top managers in making effective business decisions.

Business/Economic Journal, Newspaper or News agency: If you have writing abilities and a nose for news, you may get a job as a journalist.

Export Promotion Councils: These councils employ Economists to study trade polices of different countries, trends of international trade, cost economies, transport economies, market trends, etc.

Research Institutions and University departments: CMIE (Center for Monitoring Indian Economy), NCAER (National Council for Applied Economic Research), etc. in both the government and private sector utilize the services of an economist for research.

Non-governmental organizations (NGO): You may find work in the field of population control, healthcare, poverty eradication, etc.

There are other opportunities too like working with the defence services.

Pushpendra Malav
created: 12th Jun 2019 Last Modified: 12th Jun 2019

Great explanation in given by the YoungBuzz Counsellor in another answer. As you have completed the post graduation degree (MCom) you should pursue the PhD for higher education. You can go for the lectureship and research in further studies through UGC NET exams. It will be the good option and open various options for you. UGC NET exam is a national level qualification test for the lectureship and junior research fellowship. The candidates after qualifying the NET exam can opt for assistant professor, become subject experts, get scholarship or fellowship awards, get a job in PSUs, become guest faculty, get a job in administrations, publish a book or become an author and many more options. NET certificate will allow you to get preference in each field.

Get more details from official notification about the exam.