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I am studying in FYBCom from KJ Somaiya College. I want to know about the advertising field. What should I do or what courses are available for this purpose. I do not know anything about this career. I also want to know that when this career can be started. It should be earlier or after completing my graduation. Pl let me know.

Kabir Bharucha
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 27th Mar 2017
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YoungBuzz Career Counsellor
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 22nd Mar 2017

Advertising offers employment to various categories of professionals creative professionals (graphic designers, visualisers, and copywriters), media planners, client servicing executives, photographers, advertising film producers and many other professionals. Generally, in most of the advertising agencies in the world, three groups of professionals work creative professionals, media planners and client servicing executives. Each of these careers needs different aptitudes, skills and background. To explain in simple words, visualisers need to have artistic skills and a training in fine arts (drawing and painting); graphic designers need to have skills in visual communication design; media planners and client servicing executives need to have strong analytical and numerical skills and training in Business Management and marketing or in communication. Besides these specific skills, all advertising professionals need to be very creative, innovative, imaginative and thoughtful. They need to have strong communication abilities, analytical abilities, etc.

If you have the basic skills and aptitudes and have a keen interest in advertising, it is possible to start after a degree in any stream even if you dont have a specific degree or diploma. But as a matter of fact, without a specific degree or diploma, it is easier to get into client servicing and in media planning than into other functions like creative. In media planning, you can get a job as a trainee media buying executive in an advertising agency or you may start as a trainee space/time selling executive for a media company like a newspaper house and a television company and later find a job in an advertising agency. In client servicing, you may get a job as a trainee executive in the beginning.

But in any case, you would better equipped to enter into advertising if you are armed with a specific degree/diploma like:

For client servicing and media planning:

MBA/MMS/PG Diploma in Business Administration with specialisation in Marketing/Advertising, Master degree or diploma in Communication, Master degree or diploma in Advertising, BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media), BA/BSc./BCom with vocational subjects advertising/marketing and other related degree or diploma.

For creative (visualiser/graphic designer):

Degree/diploma in Fine Arts (drawing and painting), Commercial Art, Visual Communication design (graphic design) and other related degree or diploma.

For creative (copywriter):

Any graduate degree will do if you have a strong ability in creative writing. But you may be preferred if you have a degree in English/regional language.