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I am studying in FYJC COMMERCE. My question is related to media and I want to know the curriculum of BMM course offered by Mumbai University and I also want to know whether any campus placement facility offer by any college or not. I know that in final year of BMM we can take either Advt. or Journalism but I want details of these specialisations.

Bipin Gala
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 16th Jun 2017
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YoungBuzz Career Counsellor
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 27th Mar 2017

The BMM course consists of 32 theory papers, internship program, case studies, and project work. The course is administered over 6 semesters and during the first 3 semesters, you will study papers common to Advertising and Journalism. The papers that you will study are:

First semester: a. Effective Communication Skills, b. Macroeconomics, c. Principles of Management, d. Research Methodology, e. Introduction to Computers, and

f. Constitution and Media Laws.

Second semester: a. Effective Communication Skills, b. Principles Of Marketing,

c. Introduction to Sociology, d. Introduction to Psychology, e. Introduction to Literature in English/ Hindi / Marathi / Gujarati/ Urdu/ Sindhi/ Sanskrit/ French/ German, and f. History: Independent India and The World.

Third semester: a. Introduction to creative advertising, b. Introduction to Media Studies, c. Introduction to PR, d. Introduction to Marketing Research, and e. Creative Writing.

After the 3rd semester, you will have to select either Advertising or Journalism and you will study specialisation courses over the last 3 semesters. If you take Advertising, then you will have the following subjects:

Semester 4: a. Copywriting, b. Art Direction, c. Media Planning & Buying, d. Print Production and Photography, e. Advertising Design for Radio,TV and Interactive in Media. You will also have to do an internship for 4 weeks.

Semester 5: a. Consumer Behavior and Advertising, Research, b. Advertising in contemporary Society and Ethics of Advertising, c. Account Management, d. Case Studies I, e. Computer Application Advertising, and Project work.

Semester 6: a. Brand Management and Campaign Planning, b. Sales Promotion,

c. Strategic Marketing, d. Case Studies II, e. Organizational Behavior, and f. Financial Management.

If you take Journalism, then you will have to take the following subjects:

Semester 4: a. Principles of Journalism, b. Introduction to Broadcast Journalism,

c. Principles of Reporting, d. Principles of Editing (Selection), and e. Applications Of Editing (Layout). You will have to do an internship for 4 weeks.

Semester 5:a. Opinion and Feature, b. Media Management, c. Broadcast Journalism II, d. Book Publishing & Magazine Journalism, e. Case Studies I and Project work.

Semester 6: a. Fundamentals of Mass communication, b. Investigative & Interpretative Journalism, c. Case Studies II, d. Ethics in Journalism,

e. Business and Financial Journalism, and f. Press, State and Democracy.

For details on placements, you will have to get in touch with colleges offering BMM courses.