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I have done web designing. I need some guidance to know about how should I proceed in it and its job opportunities.

Arshi Srjvastava
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 27th Mar 2017
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Nikhil Umarani
created: 17th Jun 2019 Last Modified: 17th Jun 2019

Plz can u guys bring how to desine a web site

YoungBuzz Career Counsellor
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 22nd Mar 2017

You havent given any details about your qualifications, what kind of Diploma you have done in web designing and what have you learnt. Without these details, any attempt to guide you would be inappropriate. But in any case, you can get a job with any one of the following companies if you have a good qualification in web designing.

Web development companies

Software services companies, which are also into web technology/ Internet technology business

Companies, which are in the e-Learning business, i. e, developing e-Learning software

Companies, which are into e-commerce

Companies, which run web portals like rediff.com