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I want to know about IT-enabled services. What are the jobs in that? How can I be eligible to get a job?

Pranay Bajpai
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 27th Mar 2017
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YoungBuzz Career Counsellor
created: 22nd Mar 2017 Last Modified: 22nd Mar 2017

With the rapid advances made in telecommunication and information technology, the world is shrinking everyday. The available technology is helping businesses across countries to outsource various jobs from low cost locations. Earlier, outsourcing was limited to labour and only routine physical jobs were outsourced. But now a days, it is basically the services, which need huge back office processing or 24 hours attention, are outsourced. As these services are enabled by Information technology, these are called IT-enabled services. There are various types of IT-enabled services like Call centres, Customer service management, Data entry/data conversion, Medical transcription, Back office processing, content development, Animation, Engineering Design, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Data mining, etc. Call centres offer jobs as executives who would receive customer calls, answer them and record the necessary details about them. Customer service management centres offer jobs as executives who receive customer queries and complaints and offer advice and services. Data entry/data conversion/ data mining companies offer jobs to data entry operators and database management professionals. People trained in Medical transcription get jobs in Medical transcription organisations as transcriptionists, supervisors, and editors. Back office processing services companies need data entry operators and experienced office assistants. Content development companies offer jobs as content designers, content developers, and content managers. Animation designers and persons trained in visual communication design get jobs in animation designing firms whereas CAD/CAM designers get into Engineering designing consulting firms. People trained in GIS are offered jobs in companies offering GIS services.

Call centers and customer service management jobs require people with excellent verbal communication skills in English, pleasing personality and a patient ear to listen. Educational qualification doesnt matter much, even a HSC will do. Data entry/data conversion needs skills in typing, written English communication, and knowledge of databases. Medical transcription requires people with good understanding of medical and biological terminology, excellent ability to understand and comprehend English with different accent and ability to type what is listened without error. Back office processing require skills in using various computer software and data entry skills. People could do content development with background in journalism as well as anybody with specialized knowledge in a particular subject. GIS need skills in data collection, data interpretation, and skills in handling large databases. And all these jobs need a sea of patience and ability to do routine jobs day in and day out.