Career in Pharmacist

Students who wish to make a career in Pharmacist should be aware of the fact that pharmacy is a pure and experimental science, which studies the action of drugs on living beings.

If you plan a career in pharmacist, you will be engaged in formulating and testing different drugs. You have to test it for its effectiveness and as well as side effects. In this industry it's important to keep one updated about the prevailing diseases and its treatment. This is the only industry where the seller does not meet the end consumer. 

Those who are interested in making a career in Pharmacists can work as Industrial Pharmacists, Research Pharmacists, Retail Pharmacists, Medical Representatives, and Hospital Pharmacists or in the government sector. There is also scope for teaching pharmacy in colleges and universities.

Students who wish to make a career in pharmacist can opt for any of the career options given below:

Research Pharmacists

Research pharmacists play an important role in the discovery and development of new drug molecules and processes used in manufacturing them.

Retail Pharmacists

Pharmacists also monitor the sale of drugs based on prescriptions and dosage. As a Pharmacist, you also often offer advice on over the counter medicines (which do not need a prescription) and other health care products.

Industrial Pharmacists

Those who intend to make a career in pharmacist should understand that this is a much sought after option in this field. Here, as a Pharmacist you'll work with a drug manufacturing company, developing new drugs, formulations and health care products. Maintaining a detailed record of the side effects of the medicine on different people is also your job as a Pharmacist.

Hospital Pharmacists

These semi doctors deal with legal, professional and administrative requirements for the preparation, storage and supply of medicines in hospitals and clinics.

Medical Representatives

If you do not like the idea of an indoor job, this could be a good option.  As a Pharmacist, you will be employed in a drug manufacturing pharmaceutical company as a medical representative. Your career in Pharmacist will involve visiting doctors, retail pharmacies and hospitals and providing credible information on new drugs to them.  

Government Jobs

The government also employs pharmacists mostly in government owned hospitals and health centers. Job openings also exist in the Food and Drug Administration department of the various state governments.

If all the information provided above sounds interesting to you, then you can make  a career in pharmacist.