Career Prospects and Job Opportunities for a Paragliding Instructor.

As a paraglider, you could work with a paragliding school as an instructor, where you will people overcome their initial skepticism and fear. With enough experience, you could start off on your own. Initial investments in terms of equipment, base of operations and marketing cost can be heavy. But have you heard of a business, which needs no initial investment?

However, in order to be successful, you should have good contacts. Linking up with adventure tour operations could be beneficial. You could also go to various clubs as a guest instructor and work out some sort of profit arrangement scheme.

The paragliding industry is still in its infancy in India. There are only a select few clubs that offer paragliding. The sport is also seasonal in nature. Obviously the rainy season is not conducive to paragliding. But compared to European countries, India offers great, stable weather. Many resorts are opening up to opportunities in adventure sports. Adventure tourism is also being touted as a major foreign exchange earner.