Did you love your job? Does working become easier if you love your job?

Coleen Zaffar Hai - Executive Assitant Director (Retired) - Inflight Services shares her experiences.

One hundred per cent. I loved the thrill of meeting different people not just on the aircraft and abroad, but also among our colleagues who came from all parts of India. Looking after people and seeing the world was another high. Those days traveling was expensive. So this was the best way to do it. I visited all the places that I had read in geography and history like Eiffel Tower and Tower of London.

I have never really had any serious problems while at work. In the service industry we are taught that the customer is always right. No matter what. I have learnt that it's O.K to make a mistake. But you have to own up to it. Just smile and try to make up to that person in some other way - like give him a free drink. Never get into an argument, as it will reflect badly on your professional life. Customers are very demanding. We always try to pacify the customer.