How can i be a sports coach? Which short term courses are needed to get there?

A career in coaching is fast becoming popular. There are coaches for each game and athletic event. Generally, the main job of a coach is to select potential players, give them instructions about the rules of the games, plan the precision of their movements, demonstrate techniques of the play, observe players in action and offer helpful criticism and corrective methods. They are also expected to accompany players during tournaments and provide the necessary guidance as well as boost up their player's morale.

A coach is also expected to strategise the game, to observe the opponent players, read their strategy and create a counter strategy. Coaching is also a mind game in that sense.

In order to be an effective coach, one needs to be absolutely committed to the game and the profession as well. Along with good organizational skills he also needs to have patience, perseverance,communication skills,business skills,psycho-motor and physical conditioning,and understanding of how the mind and body works.

There are institutes which train you too.