I am studying in BSC (2nd year) doing physics honours. I want to known which type of jobs suitable for me.

Physics is the mother of all sciences, engineering and technology. Every other science is built on the fundamentals of physics.You have lot of career opportunities based of Physics.But to achieve that, you have do atleast M.Sc. and if possible Ph.D. also. Nuclear Physics is one of the specialization in physical science, which is in demand these days. You can work as Scientist, Researcher, Specialist, at various astrophysical centre including ISRO and DRDO. Research in Astronomy or Astro-physics will also fetch you high salary. You can select from various streams like High-energy physics, Nuclear Physics, Atomic Physics, and more.

NCRA National Centre for Radio Astro-Physics which is located at Pune provides good opportunity for doing Research studies. You can also consider teaching as one of the options which offers flexibility to study and work at the same time.

Hope this helps