Q. Which career can bring me a lot of money? Which career should I choose?

Answer: Any career or any field can be lucrative from the point of view of how much money one can earn, except a few careers with statutory authorities. The chances of earning a lot of money in a given field depend on your success, which is a result of the opportunities you get and your performance on the job. For example, a reputed film director may earn anything between Rs. 50 lakh to 1 crore a film; a good cardiac surgeon can earn Rs. 2 lakh a day; a reputed fashion designer can charge Rs. 1 lakh for designing a dress; a Chief Executive Officer of a large company may get Rs. 1 crore a year. In the case of Computer Engineering and Electronics Engineering, your earning will depend on the company you are working for and the job position. Moreover, there are many jobs in the Information technology industry, like those in software development and those in hardware design, which are offered to both Computer and Electronics engineers. Large scale companies in the IT industry would pay you about Rs. 16,000 – 20,000 a month in the beginning whereas small-scale companies will pay you about Rs. 6,000 – 8,000 a month. 

Your choice should depend on your interest and career goals. You should also consider the Engineering institute where you are getting admission. Decide your career goals as per your aptitudes, personality, interests, and preferences. Learn about the curriculum of both the courses in Computer Engineering and Electronics Engineering. Consider which college you are getting admission. For example, if you get admission in an A grade college to study Electronics and an admission in a B grade college to study Computer Engineering, you should choose Electronics.