Study In Singapore

Singapore offers competitive costs for tuitions and living in comparison to other developed countries like USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. For students who want to study in Singapore, it is important to note that the Indian 12+3 is accepted for a master’s degree. Moreover, if a student does not make it through the top B-schools in India, it makes better sense for the student to look at options outside the country.

Why study in Singapore?  The advantages of studying in Singapore are as follows-.

Courses Offered

The combination of Asian schooling and western-style practices has made study in Singapore a much sought after one. The qualifications are well recognized and the standards are high. Besides M.B.A., IT and Engineering courses, programs in Tourism, Education, Psychology and Art & Design are also popular among international students.

Campus life

Singapore is the safest city in the world for students. The government of Singapore has a non-tolerance policy towards drug abuse and ragging in campus. Students who study in Singapore will get the opportunity of working for 16 hours a week while pursuing their studies.


Study in Singapore will be very cost-effective. Singapore is one of the most economically viable alternatives if you wish to pursue your international education.Depending on the institution, course and duration, the tuition fees and living costs differ.


Students who study in Singapore can also avail scholarships. Most institutes in Singapore offer a tuition fee scholarship of 1.75 lakhs to 2.75 lakhs.

Work policies after education

Graduates and postgraduates need to apply for the ‘Employment Pass eligibility certificate’, which allows them to stay in Singapore for an additional 12 months after completing their studies to find employment.

All these reasons make study in Singapore very popular.