Q. I which subject i supposed to do my m.sc. What are the opportunities career in microbiology. please send me information?

Answer:  To decide which subject you wish to your post graduation, really depends on you interest levels in each of the three areas. There are several ways to go about determining your interest levels. You could visit your local library and read book pertaining to these subject, you will also find huge amounts of information on the internet, speak with your professors and gain a better understanding of each field. Another things that will help is to talk to professional who have specialisations in the microbiology, botany or chemistry to understand what actually happens in the fields. A huge contributor to what field you must choose to post-graduate depends on how high your interest is in it. There are several job opportunities in the field of Microbiology.

You can get a job in research and development in:

University departments
Biological research and development organisations like Institute of Microbial Technology, National Institute of Communicable Diseases, and National Centre for Biological Science

1.Medical research organisations under Indian Council for Medical Research
2.Agricultural research organisations under Indian Council for Agricultural Research
3.Dairy and animal research institutions
4.You can also get a job in the Research & Development/ Analytical/ Production/ Sales & Marketing departments of: -
5.Pharmaceutical and Bulk Drug manufacturing companies like Ranbaxy and Torrent
6.Food processing companies like Hindustan Lever, SmithCline Beecham and Glaxo
7.Beverage manufacturing companies like United Breweries
8.Diagnostic companies like Span and Monozyme
9.Hospitals like Apollo and Bombay hospital
10.Biotechnology and bioprocess technology based companies like Shanta Biotechnics, National Immunological
11.Dairy and Poultry firms like Arambagh Hatcheries and various other related organizations