I am Rohit. I have completed my BSc (Comp) in Mar / Apr 2001 but I left out 4 papers. I have to write the exams again by Sep / Oct 2001 and I am going to complete it this time. I have joined a hardware institute and I am doing a 1 year course there. I came to know that I may get a seat in MTech or ME after graduation because I have my B.Sc degree and I have completed 3 years course in APTECH. Now I am doing hardware, so that this will add my academic to 10+2+3+3+1, right? If there is any college offering for PG Engineering courses in India or abroad please give me details.
Courses done in private computer institutes outside the Indian University system, like the ones you have mentioned, are not recognised for calculating the number of years of education. Moreover, no college or university in India or abroad will offer you M Tech or M E course after a B Sc. Certificates from private institutes will not make you eligible for a M Tech or M E course. Minimum qualification for M Tech or M E course is M Sc in Computer Science or equivalent or a MCA (Master of Computer Applications). Also, you have to qualify in the GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) examination to be able to apply for a seat in M Tech or M E course.