Business Development Manager Overview

It's all about building a sound relationship with your business partners, vendors and customers. 
All this, while you are searching for new business associates, scouting for new opportunities and taking the company to greater heights. That's what you will do as a Business Development Manager
Business Development Manager is an action-oriented role for go-getters who know how to track business leads, articulate the benefits of products and services and develop a process for driving sales. As a Business Development Manager (BDM) you will build partnerships and business relationships with other companies, vendors, etc. to add value to your product and services. 
When anything goes wrong with development, the buck will stop at you. When all goes well, you get the kudos. As a Business Development Manager you will also assist in seeking new clients and then executing their projects.
The main job of a Business Development Manager (BDM) is to generate and follow up business leads, develop clientele and intelligent business proposals. Developing a good marketing plan for the company's products and businesses is also a part of the job. As a Business Development Manager you will also have to look out for new business for your company.
Business Development Manager will work closely with Product Managers, Marketing Executives and external partners and allies in the development and implementation of strategies, plans and business models. 
In some organisations a Business Development Manager  (BDM) is also expected to create financial projections for growth and profitability. As a Business Development Manager you will be required to provide support to upper management in negotiating deals, contract development and other business development or alliance development projects. 
As a Business Development Manager (BDM) you will be working with the marketing department to plan marketing and promotion, including advertising, review media, specials sales and subsidiary rights.
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